Finally An Easy Cat Door

FlexLatch holds your door open just enough for your cat to slip through, but not enough for larger animals!

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Holds Doors Securely

Our one-piece design easily hooks onto most doorknobs and will safely hold the door, protecting your cats private space from larger animals!

  • It's Strong!

    FlexLatch™ pet door holder is built to withstand tough abuse from the ruffest dogs on the block. Designed and packaged in the USA, our nylon and stainless-steel construction can deter the most determined pup!

  • It's Easy!

    With easy access from either side of the door, locked or not, FlexLatch™ doesn't inhibit your movement whatsoever. Because there is no cutting, measuring, double sided tape or screws to fumble with, FlexLatch™ won't ruin your paint, and won't damage your home!

  • It's Versatile

    FlexLatch™ secures to most doorknob styles and attaches and detaches quickly and easily in seconds. Discreet, low-key, and means business. FlexLatch™ can travel anywhere with you and your pets, even on vacation! FlexLatch™ will be your favorite travel accessory!

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